Ethanol is a renewable fuel that provides a cleaner-burning alternative to gasoline. DDG is used primarily as livestock feed, and corn oil is used in the production of bio-diesel.
ethanol production

Ethanol is a high octane, high performance, renewable fuel used as an oxygenate in gasoline. Marquis's ethanol is produced through the age-old process of fermentation, combined with cutting-edge and revolutionary enzymatic and technological developments, to efficiently convert the starch in corn to fermentable sugar.

The Marquis facilities utilize state-of-the-art computer generated matrices to control all temperature, pressure, and flow variables throughout the facility. These controls minimize variability and maximize production efficiency. Utilizing the most advanced enzymes, yeasts, and available technologies allows Marquis to reduce the energy and resources needed to produce ethanol. Limiting these inputs helps Marquis Energy reduce their carbon footprint, while efficiently producing the world's only readily available alternative to petroleum-based fossil fuels.