marquis crude oil

Marquis Terminals leverages riverside terminal assets, expertise in barge and rail logistics, and experience in fuels and commodities trading to provide unique opportunities to crude oil suppliers and traders. The rail-river terminal location on the Mississippi River is designed to unload unit trains in less than 24 hours. This efficiency allows for quick turn times, and maximizes rail car value, which is critical in the current market environment.

The trading arm of Marquis Terminals brings new opportunities to continental crude producers. The terminal facility serves as a link for our committed barge and rail fleets. Putting these pieces of the puzzle together brings added value and flexibility to suppliers.

The Marquis team is excited to bring our experience and expertise to bear in providing cost effective solutions to the logistical challenges presented by the production boom seen in the Bakken and other shale oil resources in North America. We are proud to partner with companies working to increase our domestic production of crude oil.

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